miercuri, 17 iunie 2009

Why not play SIMS or Second Life

Interesting games mentioned above are famous for the freedom that you give, choosing any look you want and any situation you desire. May interject here some aspects of marketing: although the games are a virtual must pay to have a parallel life lived by the characters chosen. In Second Life you can make real money investing virtual, meaning you can live on this if you have the luck or skill required. Because based on the relationships between people as in life the game arrive to the point where you can even make love with people you like. You have a house of your wardrobe you have property, you have a service business, you almost anything and still some things that you can not have in real life including the fact that you can fly. Second Life is a germ that creates dependence, especially if you attach enough of character. About 3 SIMS SIMS last series started I heard only good game is harder than the first edition and with more possibilities. However I do not want to play these games because of addiction than they would be too big and I would look at me as a real-life virtual. That will not happen

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  1. Iti recomand cu cea mai mare placere Second Life am jucat si eu si stiu cum e jocul e mult mai real decat Sims 3


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