miercuri, 17 martie 2010

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I don’t know about you , but I for one , I got tired of spending my free time in the same places , drinking the same stuff . I felt the need for a change , for some action . So I have looked throught the internet and I found quite a few interesting events .

One interesting place seems to be a stadium in Texas , called Reliant Stadium . The fun part is that you can buy Reliant Stadium Tickets for a lot of sports , for example you have the football , the rodeo , the supercroos or the soccer , and even the opportunity to witness the Disney on Ice show !

Or maybe you are an absolute fan of the NHL ! Then you should not miss WACHOVIA SPECTRUM TICKETS . The Spectrum is the indoor arena of the PhiladeIphia Flyers . I know I have always wanted to visit Philadelphia , it is such a historical place !

There is also another option for you : go see a horse race . It is one traditional race that you must try before saying that it is not your cup of tea , so to speak . You simply have to get yourself Kentucky Derby Tickets . You could buy me one too , I have never went to a derby , I am more than curious about the atmosphere there and everything .

There , I have gave you some sollutions , you might find there some usefull suggestion .

So simply have a great time ! And do something else than you usually do !

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