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Brazil is the biggest country in the South America, it occupies the east half of the continent, bordering with Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.
In Brazil we can found the most various geographical areas, ranging from beaches to the amazing diverse rain forests, mountains, and tropical climates.
In each state of Brazil there are amazing things to see, the country offers to its tourists a wide range of adventure vacations.
The most important points to visit in Brazil are:
·        The Amazon - the largest tropical rainforest in the world
·        Mato Grosso Region – beautiful destinations
·        Rio – famous for the Christ the Redeemer and the carnival that has place here every year
·        Goias and Tocantis – perfect places for enjoying nature and relax
·        Espirito Santo – several lakes
·        South – The Iguazu Falls
·        North-East – the first discovered part of Brazil
·        Sao Paulo – World’s third largest city with over ten millions inhabitants

In Brazil the tourists are very well treated, having to choose from a very wide
range of hotels, motels, or local people houses to sleep and eat.
            Enjoy exploring this wonderful part of our world!

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