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The wonderful Egypt


Situated in the North Africa, between the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, and Israel at East, Sudan in South and Libya in West, Egypt is crossed by the Nile, the longest river in the world. Indirectly, this great river contributed to the creation of some architectural masterpieces that can be seen only here.
The architecture of Egypt is the most imposing and the most durable in the world.
The massiveness and stability of the constructions are two of the features that amaze the tourists who came here to visit, admire and take as many pictures and memories as they can of this beautiful country.
Cairo is the capital of Egypt, and with its over 16 million inhabitants, is the biggest city of Africa.
Every year more than 4 million people visit Egypt and its great wonders. There are many tourism objectives to visit, the most important ones are:
Ancient Memphis
Pyramids of Giza
Pyramids of Sakkara
Pyramids of Dahshour
Pyramids of Abu sir
Pyamids of Mydoum

Pyramids of eleisht
Pyramids of Hawara
Pyamrids of Abu Rawash
Pyramids of EL Lahaoun
Pyramids of Hawara
Pyramid of Mazghuna 
The Egyptian Museum
The Coptic Museum
The Castle of Saladin
The Old Market "Khan El-Khalili"
The Hanging Church
Santa Barbara
Luxor Temple
Karnak Temple
The Colossi Of Memnon

Valley Of The Kings
Temple of queen Hatshepsut
Temple Of Medinat Hapu of Ramses III
Valley Of The Queens
Valley Of The Nobles
Temple Of Dendera
Temple of Esna
Temple Of Abydos,
and the list can continue with much more.
            If you want to visit Egypt, is it recommended to do it via a agency, because is not safe to do it by yourself, due to the military tensions in the country.
Have a great time and remember to take as many photos as you can.

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